Certified Public Accountant, Mindy Smith


Tell me a little about the business you're building here in Lakeway and your expertise as a CPA.

I have been in the business for 30 years. After graduating from college, I originally worked in the public accounting arena for 5 years. Then I moved to Las Vegas in 1991 and that's when I started my own practice.

How has your business grown and developed in the West Austin area?

Ironically, the Lakeway and Bee Cave area are experiencing very similar growth to Las Vegas in the early 90's. New businesses and small businesses is the center point of our neighborhoods and that has always been the focus of my practice. I love working with local business owners. I have a knack for developing systems so that business owner can easily open new locations with a cookie cutter process once we've set controls in place which allows them to expand to multiple locations.

As we've seen our community develop and change over the years, how do you feel like you contribute to continue to make our Lakeway and Bee Cave area the best place to live?

For us to all be successful, every business needs to be successful. Sometimes the growth can happen rather quickly and without a lot of fore thought. I help my clients up front to be successful which allows them to open multiple locations and be here for the long haul, and that is is what is going to help sustain the growth of our community.