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Trinity Pools and Scapes in Lakeway, meet the Owner Richard Ginsberg. Read more...

Describe your business

Richard founded Trinity Pools and Scapes in 2007 when he saw a need in the Lakeway/Lake Travis area for a local, experienced pool company. Richard's story teaches us that the golden rule "treat others how you would like to be treated" leads to inevitable success. His business is a testimony of his faith.

About our Pools

We build according to your needs, budget and style. A couple of added features that we specialize in include Negative Edge Pools and Waterfalls. Negative edges create an effect of blending with a scenic background! This effect helps your pool get the next level of beauty and appeal. Waterfalls make you feel closer to nature and provide a peaceful focus to any setting, coupled with the serenity of sounds.

About our Scapes

"Scapes" refers to our experience in building added features that offer comfort and style such as Outdoork Kitchens, Spa Scapes and Shade & Arbor Scapes. These added features can make you feel like you are on vacation in your own backyard. Enjoy your family and entertain without ever having to pack or go anywhere!

Pools, Scapes and More

Call or email Richard Ginsberg today to learn about how his company can update the interior of your home as well - kitchens, baths, updated living or dining areas - he can also help your interior design dreams come true. Richard is easily reached by cell phone at: 512-695-8254 or email: or visit the website at