Meet BB&T Bank's Jennifer Busch in Bee Cave, Texas


BB&T Bank in Bee Cave, meet the Vice President & Market Leader Jennifer Busch

We sit down with Jennifer Busch and learn a little more about BB&T Bank and what sets it apart.

Why should we choose BB&T Bank over any other bank?

BB&T is a values driven bank that was founded in 1872 and we have a long history of strength and stability. We're working to grow our presence in the communities that we serve in Texas. Here in Austin, we have 15 branches to serve our clients that live in and around the Austin metroplex. What sets us apart from our competitors is the fact that we give back to our clients and we're here to walk them through the steps for financial success and economical security.

Tell me about the personal service that you provide to your clients.

We understand that clients want us to help them. They want us to ask questions and they want us to provide solutions to meet their needs. We get a lot of clients coming in looking for someone to talk to because they've had a relationship with another banking institution and never felt like they had a personal relationship with their banker. All of our bankers have direct phone lines at their desks. We have convenient hours. All of my clients have my personal cell phone and know they can call or text me at any time.

Can you speak to how BB&T gives back to the community?

We pride ourselves on not spending a lot of money on public advertising. We are boots on the ground advertising. Every banker for BB&T is out in their community every day talking about who we are, what we do and why we're here to do it. We are here to support our community. We have give back campaigns called Annual Light House projects. Each year every city will select one project where all of the employees for that area will contribute volunteer hours to a particular project. This year Austin has selected Safe Alliance which provides safe housing for battered women and children.